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Orthodoxy in Kenya, Growth Amidst Poverty

On Thursday evening, January 27, David Murphy spoke to us about his time in the western region of Kenya. David is a doctoral student at Cornell and spent a couple of months last summer living in Kisumu, Kenya. While there, he spent some time among the local Orthodox communities, as well as with Abp Makarios, the local hierarch. He witnessed amazing faith among the people, in spite of (or perhaps due to) their impoverished state. The churches in Kenya re growing at an amazing rate, with many new churches being consecrated each year. David shared with us some of the struggles that they face, and the lessons he learned that helped him find more faith in the Lord.

                In the next few days, a video of the lecture will be made available.

Orthodoxy in Kenya: Growth Amidst Poverty - 01/27/16

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